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CAPL 2006/07 Winter Season Results and Recap

[b]The CAPL 2006/07 Winter Season finals were held yesterday, bringing the inaugural CAPL to a close.[/b] [center][img][/img][/center] In the year long period that the tournament has been running for, the CAPL has provided the competitive gaming community with a unique ongoing opportunity for gamers to continually pit their skills against each other. Players can constantly train, learn and refine their strategies and test them out in a true competitive setting over and over again - if you lose this season, there's always the next season in the … Read more »

CAPL 2006/07 Winter Season Premier Category Results

[b]Teams Wrath and FooSa!! will face each other in the finals for DotA Allstars while Rsyndrome took the first placing for Counter-Strike 1.6 and True takes the Warcraft III champion's title for CAPL 2006/07 Winter Season.[/b] [center][img][/img][/center] It was a day riddled with walkovers in the CAPL 2006/07 Winter Season Premier Category playoffs. Out of a field of 14 teams for the Counter-Strike 1.6 division, only four teams turned up for their matches, while in DotA, as many as half the teams failed to show up, resulting in almost every … Read more »

Head Quarters DotA Competition

[b]Head Quarters will be holding a DotA Allstars tournament to start on the 28th of January at their Chinatown branch.[/b] The first prize will be S$2000, second prize S$1000 and the 3rd prize S$500. All top 3 finishing teams will also receive 100 free hours of gaming time at Head Quarters per team. Registration is open until the 18th of January. Apparently, to register, you will need to collect and submit the form at any Head Quarters branch as well as make payment there. Registration costs S$35. Details are taken from [url=]asterisk* and zEn|th's … Read more »

Interview with AIRinc

AIRinc is a Natural Selection clan that is bringing Singapore international recognition with their participation in AusNS.MT(W). They have a record of 5 wins 1 loss so far, and are currently in the final 4 of the tournament. We caught up with the AIRinc AusNS.MT(W) team on IRC and asked them about their clan, how they started playing Natural Selection, their thoughts on playing in AusNS.MT(W) and overseas in general, as well as AIRinc's future plans. Read more »

Couple interview: Amanda and Weiqiang

[center][img][/img][/center] I caught up with Amanda and Weiqiang after the World Cyber Games (WCG) 2005 Cybercafe Preliminaries at LanLab Online Ginza Plaza. Weiqiang, from Covert Ghost (cG), age 19, and his beloved girlfriend, Amanda, 18, have been a loving couple for one and a half years. Read more »

R.f- Silentscope Interview

This article was originally written by Joan “REfusion” Chin. Silentscope introduces his clan of hardcore Counter-Strike players, who had represented Singapore in WCG2003, to Joan after the LanLab Online Cybercafe Preliminaries. Read more »

Interview: [g.bust]L!QU!DSN@KE

This article was originally written by Tanvir “Zymeth” Mohamed. We caught up with Vincent, the leader of g.bust, outside LanLab Online (Ginza Plaza) after they lost 16-3 to cG team 2 during the second week of WCG Cybercafe Preliminaries despite a spirited effort to push back cG in the 2nd half of the match. A clan to look […] Read more »

Interview: cG.PrOj3Ct

GameSync conducted an IRC interview with cG.PrOj3Ct, the leader of cG Team 2. His team placed second in the recently concluded round one of the Counter-Strike: Source WCG cybercafe preliminaries held at LanLab@Ginza on Sunday, 3rd April 2005. We asked him about his clan, team, and his views on WCG this year. Read more »