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E3 2010: Nintendo 3DS

I have no idea how the magicians at Nintendo did it, but yes this is indeed 3D gaming without 3D glasses, and it’s see to believe. Here are some of my thoughts after playing through several demo games on it: Read more »

E3 2010: Fallout New Vegas

New Vegas is set four years after Fallout 3. Vegas was safe from the nuclear catastrophe and thus is still able to enjoy electricity and other resources easily. When there’s Vegas, there’s gambling. My casino adventure didn’t exactly end well though. I surrendered all my weapons to enter the gambling den and the first thing […] Read more »

E3 2010: Brink

It is somewhere in the near future when the world is about to end from global flooding. An ark made to save 5000 lives somehow contained 50,000 instead. With scarce resources, war is on the brink of breaking out. Read more »

E3 2010: id Soft’s Rage

After a drought of ten long years, id Soft finally revealed gameplay for their newest upcoming IP, Rage. The spokesperson states that, “id Soft is set on alleviating the graphics and gameplay experience for first-person shooters. Rage runs on the brand new id Tech 5 engine which allows for dynamic texture painting for localised damage feedback. […] Read more »

E3 2010: Quantum Theory Hands-On Review

Quantum Theory’s gameplay was pretty monotonous. I hear some have compared it to Gears of War, since you could hide behind walls and peek out to sneak a quick shot at the enemies. Well, that’s just about all that you do. I tried rushing up for a quick manly melee kill but was quickly taken […] Read more »

E3 2010: Assassin’s Creed – Brotherhood

You like killing innocent people for no apparent reason? You love climbing walls and windows just because you can? Assassin’s Creed is back and it’s bringing along an entire group of assassins together this time. The story is pretty much a sequel, but the most interesting point would be the new multiplayer feature. Kill thou […] Read more »

E3 2010: Rock Band – Blurring The Definition Of Having Fun

When I play Rock Band or Guitar Hero, all I want to do is enjoy a transient feeling of self-deluding indulgence. I want to believe that I can rip chords and carry out fast finger picking on an electric guitar without any prior practice nor lessons. Rock Band and Guitar Hero allowed instant gratification for self-deceit in […] Read more »

E3 2010: Medal Of Honor Hands-On Review

I was very tempted to pre-purchase Medal of Honor on Steam this morning when the promotion states that I get to play the beta early on June 17th. Thankfully, there was this huge gaming convention in Los Angeles.. whaccha callit.. Ah yes E3. E3’s Sony booth had a whole row of PS3s running Medal of […] Read more »

TF2 now out on Mac

Team Fortress 2 finally arrived on the Mac on Friday morning, accompanied by an update for both Windows and Mac users that includes a new offline training mode, a completely revamped game menu and a bonus item exclusively for Mac players. Read more »