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Full DJ Hero set list revealed

Screw objective journalism. I jizzed in my pants multiple times while going through the full 93-track DJ Hero set list that was released by Activision today. You will too when you read the full track list after the jump. DJ Hero will be out in stores 27 October. Read more »

Defense Grid: The Awakening

The origins of the Tower Defense genre can be traced back to a custom StarCraft map created in 1999
called Turret Defense. The genre was popularized further when WarCraft 3 was released in 2002: tons
of Tower Defense maps were created by Blizzard's map-making community, and it was played in spades
on by players all around the world.

Fast forward to 2009. Gamers looking to get their Tower Defense fix outside of the Blizzard games have a myriad of web-based, free Tower Defense Flash games to choose from on the Internet. Several Tower Defense retail … Read more »