TF2: High-precision Solly rocket launcher revealed

The next weapon in the upcoming Team Fortress 2 combined Demoman-Soldier class update has been revealed to be “The Direct Hit”, a rocket launcher replacement for Soldiers.

The new rocket launcher will only have 30% the blast radius of the normal launcher but will deal 25% more damage and reach its target 80% faster. Furthermore, the weapon will deal mini-crit damage to airborne targets. For those interested, Steam forum member “Warbaul” has compiled a tentative damage chart for The Direct Hit.

As of today, Soldiers are still ahead of the Soldier-Demoman war, having racked up about 5 million kills compared to the Demoman class with a total of 4.9 million. While each class will receive at least three new weapons in this update, only the winner of the war (determined by total kill counts) will receive an exclusive fourth weapon.

The update goes live this Friday, Singapore time.

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