Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire

Video from GiantBomb showing Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire, a ridiculous-looking arcade fighting game that was released way back in 1995. It stars Jackie Chan (who else) and several other (supposed) motion-captured characters from his movies.

Surprisingly, the game’s fighting mechanics are solid, and the overall gameplay system appears to be pretty balanced. The character designs are quite varied and they each have their own unique attack combinations and playstyles. Sounds familiar? (BlazBlue, *cough*)

Yes, you’ve never heard of this game before (neither have I), so why bother? According to the hosts in the video, Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire has gained quite a cult following in the Shoryuken forums. It’s one of those hidden gems in the gaming vault that has somehow been overlooked by fighting fans until now.

And apparently, Fists of Fire will be making an appearance at next year’s Evo Championship Series 2010.

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