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Punch Quest: A smash hit of an app

Recently, I have been slammed with work and haven’t had much time to game on my PC or PS3. Then I discovered Punch Quest on the iOS. And somewhere in-between, after leaping past the 163th spike pit and punching my 934th skeleton, I realised that Punch Quest had now filled that gaming void in my […] Read more »

Darksiders II review: bigger and better!

As far as sequels go, most games would usually move the plot forward, or focus on fleshing out the backstory. Darksiders II chooses to advance the storyline, taking place during the same time in which War, from the first game, is sent to Earth. We follow Death as he goes about discovering the true motivations […] Read more »

Spec Ops: The Line review

War is hell. The death, the screams of agony, the blood. There is no sugar coating war; even if one has the best intentions. Its horror turns the boldest of men into shells of their former selves. War is hell. And Spec Ops: The Line aims to thrust you headfirst into that hell. Read more »

Evolving the visual novel — Analogue: A Hate Story review

The visual novel has been around for almost two decades, played mostly by the Japanese and anime-gaming communities. And unfortunately, it is not a genre that every gamer likes, its linear and text-heavy overdose of narrative proving too tiresome for many. Analogue: A Hate Story is developer Christine Love’s attempt to evolve the genre to the next […] Read more »

The End is Here – Diablo III review

Day 1: The Past The whirr of wings and a lifetime of training had me hitting the floor before my brain had even reacted consciously. A good thing, too, with the sound of splintering wood informing me that the metal canister shot from Sanctuary had just impacted the wall behind me. After dusting myself off […] Read more »

Indie Spotlight: 2Fuse, made in Singapore! (iOS)

2Fuse is a “made in Singapore” action puzzler game released recently for the iPhone and iPad. Developed by Mojo Forest, the same guys who delivered Them! Pidgeons and Clink HD, 2Fuse is an easy to play, but hard to master type of game which focuses on competitiveness. Also, the app is free to download from the […] Read more »

DiRT: Showdown preview

DiRT: Showdown is the latest instalment of the Colin Mcrae Rally series of games by Codemasters. The game is touted as an arcade-themed racer, though its name suggests that it still has roots in the original DiRT series of games such as DiRT 1, 2, and 3. Read more »