Is Modern Warfare 2 also a 3rd person shooter?

Modern Warfare was an awesome FPS, so what would the fans say if Modern Warfare 2 turned out to be a 3rd person shooter as well?

Above is a screenshot of an early PS3 version game modes screen. It’s not in English, but a member of the Infinity Ward forums has offered a translation. The screenshot has since taken down by the forum moderator but GameSync managed to save it before the deletion took place.

Team Deathmatch
Ground War
Headquarters Pro
Search and Destroy
Capture the Flag
3rd Person Team Deathmatch
Hardcore Team Deathmatch
Search and Destroy Hardcore
3rd Person Team Deathmatch Hardcore
3rd Person Cagematch Hardcore

A YouTube video showing a French guy playing MW2 has been leaked. So does MW2 feature a 3rd person mode? You make the call.


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  • athrun86

    3rd person mode confirmed for multiplayer…