Asterisk*’s furryfish and pinksheep eyeing retirement

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PMS | Asterisk*‘s Tammy “furryfish” Tang and Dawn “pinksheep” Yang want to retire from the playing roster and are preparing to transition into a managerial role, the two girls told NGNT.

This was one of the reasons behind the recent audition and subsequent recruitment of Huizhen “Chewy” Tan and Yvonne “Vonvon” Yong into the all-girls DotA Allstars team on Monday, according to furryfish and pinksheep.

Both girls currently hold down full-time jobs in addition to their responsibilities at Asterisk* as players and team managers – furryfish is currently a Community and E-Sports Executive with Razer while pinksheep is a copywriter with advertising agency Tribal DDB.

“I would like to retire to a management role and I think Tammy (furryfish) has similar intentions. But we can’t quit and leave, so it’s important to groom a new generation,” pinksheep said.

Asterisk*’s new members Chewy and Vonvon will have to fill the shoes of furryfish and pinksheep, a task that is easy in some ways but also more difficult in others, says furryfish.

“We were the ones who broke new ground, so whoever comes after is definitely going to have an easier time, because we’ve already established our name,” furryfish said. “The hard part is that they have to keep what we built alive, and they have to constantly innovate.”

Asterisk* has certainly come a long way since 2005, when the DotA craze was just beginning in Singapore and around the world. Five years on, DotA is beginning to show its age and that is one area in which the all-girls team will have to innovate. With Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends and DotA 2 all on the horizon, where will Asterisk* go?

“In my opinion, League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth will never be able to fill the role of DotA,” says pinksheep. “I’m looking forward to DotA 2 to see if it will be a nice follow-up of the current game.”

However, furryfish is not so sure about DotA 2: “It might have the same maker (IceFrog) but the engine is still different, so I’m really not sure how that will turn out.

“I think we would continue to focus on whatever team game is popular with organisers, because there’s no point playing a game which has no competitions.”

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