Street Fighter X Tekken PS3 game and game bundles to be released in Singapore 3 March

Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter X Tekken will be released for the PlayStation 3 in Singapore on 6 March in both English and Chinese versions, together with several bundle packs which include gems and a gamepad or arcade stick. There’s also the obligatory Special Edition which is exclusive to Asia.

Besides a pack of 39 Boost Gems — in-game items which provide stats boosts to characters — and the original soundtrack, the SFXT Special Edition also features two miniature “bubble buds” cartoon figures of Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono and Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada.

The standalone game, without any Boost Gems, will cost S$64.90.

Here are the full bundle details, and prices:

Street Fighter X Tekken Special Edition

  • S$87.90
  • Bubble budds figurine — Ono
  • Bubble budds figurine — Harada
  • SFXT Original Soundtrack
  • SFXT character command cards
  • Special Complete Pack voucher card containing a code for 39 Boost Gems

Street Fighter X Tekken Joypad Bundle

  • S$118.90
  • Mad Catz SFXT Arcade FightPad SD
  • SFXT character command cards
  • Asia Original Pack voucher card containing a code for 9 Boost Gems (mix of Defence/Launcher activation/Acceleration types)

Street Fighter X Tekken Joystick Bundle

  • S$288.90
  • Mad Catz SFXT Arcade FightStick PRO
  • SFXT character command cards
  • Launch Attack Pack voucher card containing a code for 9 Boost Gems (Launcher activation types)

Street Fighter X Tekken is a combination of the Street Fighter and Tekken fighting game franchises. The PlayStation 3 version will feature exclusive characters, including Cole from inFAMOUS, Pac-Mac and a rather dodgy looking Mega Man. A PlayStation Vita edition of the game is being developed as well.

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