Singapore Pokemon Pika Pika Carnival on 11-20 May, DS owners get free Pikachu character

Pokemon: Pika Pika Carnival

Isetan Singapore will be playing host to the Pokemon Pika Pika Carnival, from 11-20 May at their Isetan Scotts Store at Shaw House, Orchard Road.

The Carnival is the equivalent to Japan’s Pokemon Centers, where official retail merchandise of the Pokemon franchise are on sale. You can expect lots of toys, plushies, trading cards, and other accessories to be sold there.

Nintendo DS owners who possess a copy of Pokemon:Black or Pokemon: White (English or Japanese console versions are fine) can head down to the event to claim a free Pikachu Pokemon character for the game:

Pokemon: Pika Pika Carnival

There is no official website for the Pika Pika event, but you can still follow Isetan Singapore’s Facebook page for the latest updates about the carnival.

You can also view the official Pika Pika Carnival brochures in the gallery below:

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