Diablo III launch-day collection details at Funan

Diablo III

Diablo III’s release is tomorrow! If you’re planning to get the game on day one from Funan’s launch event, you may want to take note of the following important details (taken from Asiasoft’s official D3 launch event site):

Important timings:

9:00am – Verification of pre-order cards begin. Customers will be issued a queue number. You must bring along your NRIC. The verification process will last the entire day.

3:00pm – Collection of the retail game begins. Queue numbers will be displayed on screens set up at the venue. Customers are free to wander around Funan or come back later once their queue number is approaching.

?? pm – Collection of the game will end once all customers who had verified their pre-order cards before 9.00pm have received their copy.

Important stuff to note:

  • Each person is only allowed to collect up to five copies of the game.
  • If you cannot make it on 15 May, you can always collect your game at the retailer where you purchased your pre-order card from 16 May onwards.
  • Obviously, if you bought the digital or parallel-imported versions of D3 (i.e. from Qisahn), you are not entitled to collect anything at the event.

Event highlights:

  • Marc Messenger, Director of Cinematics at Blizzard, will be in attendance. A signing session with Mr Messenger will also be held at the event.
  • Two lucky draw sessions will be held, and special prizes and lucky dips will be up for grabs.
  • Cosplayers from Project Zen will be showcasing their costumes at Funan.

You can view the full schedule of the event below:

Diablo III launch schedule

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