StarCraft II: Five walkovers as WCS Singapore Nationals enters round of 32

StarCraft II WCS Singapore Nationals

The first round of matches at the StarCraft II World Championship Series Singapore Nationals concluded on Saturday morning with a total of five walkovers.

The five walkovers resulted from players who were a no-show for various reasons:

  • cvsbinu walkover raealam
  • Blitz walkover Venom
  • Kyzer walkover Unknown
  • STeaLth walkover Vello
  • Polaris walkover zx246

The biggest clash of the Round of 64 was between 2011 World Cyber Games Singapore National Finals champion Bryan “nirvAnA” Choo and Team Eve leader Alaric “Rekanise” Choo. nirvAnA took the match 2-0.

A notable participant was Ginormous, a wheelchair-bound player. He lost 2-0 to Macrolisk.

Other Highlights:

Marcus “Revenant” Tan 2 – 0 EveParachute

Jason “Yekke” Chan  2 – 0 LyraD

Bryan “Drake” Sum 2 – 0 HypnoticPoo (Note: HypnoticPoo was ranked top 200 in SEA in the early days of StarCraft II)

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