Borderlands 2’s Mechromancer DLC due on 16 October, priced at US$10

Borderlands 2

The first DLC for Gearbox’s Borderlands 2, which adds the fifth Mechromancer class, has been given a tentative release date of 16 October, CEO Randy Pitchford told Eurogamer.

Gamers who pre-order either the physical retail or PC Steam version will get access to the Mechromancer for free. Otherwise, the DLC will cost US$10 (or 800 Microsoft Points if you’re playing the Xbox 360 version).

Gearbox has also announced on their official forums that four additional add-on campaigns will be released by June 2013 for Borderlands 2. Hopefully these add-ons are the same quality as the four DLCs released for Borderlands 1, which greatly extended the original’s replay value and longevity.

Each of the four add-on campaigns will cost US$10 each, and a season pass is available on Steam, Xbox Live, and PSN for those who wish to pre-purchase all of them at a 25% discount.

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