A compilation of media coverage devoted to Xian: EVO 2013 Street Fighter champion

Xian in TNP

In case you missed it, Singapore’s Kun-Xian “Xian” Ho has been featured four times in our country’s mainstream media, all covering his championship victory for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 at this year’s EVO 2013.

I have obtained the scans for the newspaper articles, and decided to share them here in one post for posterity.

Note: you may have to save the images to your computer and view them in an image viewer, as NGNT’s browser viewer has a limited zoom. These scans are pretty big.

The Straits Times, 16 July 2013, page B3

The Straits Times, 29 July 2013, page B5

The Straits Times RazorTV, 29 July 2013, http://www.razor.tv/video/439040/singapores-street-fighter-champ

The New Paper, 1 August 2013, page 14

Special thanks to Curren “Tax” Seow for scanning the 29 July and 1 August newspaper articles.

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