Voyage Century Online Beta Officially Launched

[b][url=]Voyage Century Online[/url], a nautical themed MMORPG, was launched yesterday by [url=]Internet Gaming Gate[/url][/b]

Voyage Century Online is a free to play (F2P) MMORPG, with it’s tagline, “Forever Free!” proudly stating the fact. It also claims to be “the first 3D Nautical Online Game in history”. There are provisions for trading, PvP, guild wars and the like as well.

Alpha testers for the game generally had positive feedback about the game. Jon~solo said, “The way the game is set up with trading and commerce and with fighting and reputations reminds me a lot of Freelancer. That’s a good thing, I loved that game…” Another alpha tester, bashem, had the following to say: “There are so many different things to do in this game, personally I like trading the most. There is so much to explore and see, not mention you can change the way you look so easy, everyone is starting to look so different now. You’ll never find anyone exactly like you.”

Special thanks to DracoHeart for [url=]posting[/url] about Voyage Century Online in the [url=]General Gaming[/url] forums and alerting the community to this game.

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