Team RP and Team Proceed On To IGC Finals

[b]Team RP and Team qualified for the Intel Gaming Cup 2007 finals by finishing as the top two teams of the Republic Polytechnic leg on Tuesday.[/b]

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After two days of competition, Team RP and Team emerged as the top two teams at the Republic Polytechnic leg of the Intel Gaming Cup 2007 and earned themselves a place in the grand finals. They also walked away with S$200 each.

This first event as part of the Intel Gaming Cup has finally shed light on what has been an a very low key tournament, with no official website up yet or even details on the overall format. If future preliminaries are in the same format as the Republic Polytechnic one, it can be safe to assume that the top two teams from each leg will proceed to the grand finals, currently slated to be played some time during the March school holidays.

The Intel Gaming Cup will move on to Nanyang Polytechnic next, on the 25th to the 27th of January. Only secondary school and ITE students are allowed to take part in this leg.

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