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Hand me any game and I’ll play it, beat it and leave it out to dry. I will marvel at its boundless wonders and relish in the excitement of play. I will study it, break it down and tinker with its bits and pieces. To it I will devote my utmost attention and respect. Games are my lifeblood, my passion and my craft.

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Dawnguard: The Dragonborn is broken

With the recent PC release of Skyrim’s first DLC, Dawnguard, I figured that it was the perfect time for me to shake off the cobwebs from my High Elf mage-in-hibernation — that I never quite finished the game with — and take him out for a spin around the frosty northern regions of Tamriel. Despite […] Read more »

Leveling in The Old Republic

The Old Republic has been out for a little over a month now and with Bioware rolling out gradual improvements over the months to come, there really is no better time to pick up your blaster – or lightsaber – and set forth on an epic intergalatic  adventure. Understandably, the galaxy may be a daunting […] Read more »

Calleigh’s take on the top games of 2011

The year of 2011 marked the release of many a blockbuster gaming titles that have not only shaped the course of the industry but also rooted themselves as all-time favorites in the hearts and minds of gamers all around the world. Having said that, one might even surmise that 2011 was arguably one of the best […] Read more »