The Witcher 2 Patch 2.0: A Quick Look At Arenas

The Witcher 2, Patch 2.0

Fans and followers of the White Wolf may now rejoice for Patch 2.0 has finally rolled out, boasting a whole host of gameplay changes that are set to take The Witcher 2 to a whole new level.

Of note, some of the key features that Patch 2.0 will bring include:

  • Dark Mode – An new and highly challenging difficulty that features a whole host of new “Dark” accursed armor sets and weapons!
  • Arena Mini-Game – Test your mettle against waves of the best Temeria has to offer in the Arena! Share your scores and climb up the rankings over at The Witcher’s website!
  • Tutorial – Finally, players new to the franchise won’t find themselves stonewalled ten minutes into the game with this short introductory quest that’ll surely help you get the hang of things.
  • DLCs – All 9 DLC packs to date will be made available with Patch 2.0 for absolutely free!

Now does that look good or what? I’m practically drooling here, to be honest. Better still, the price of The Witcher 2 has dropped to $29.99 over at so really, there’s not better time to take up the silver sword of the Witcher and engage in some glorious blood-letting.

Speaking of blood-letting, while some of you out there may have ferociously leapt at the opportunity to try your hand at Battlefield 3’s open beta, I, on the other hand, went ahead and gave The Witcher 2’s Arena mode a quick spin.

The concept of the Arena is simple. You start off with a weakly Level 1 Geralt, housed in a “green room” of sorts. It is here that you’ll be given the chance to rest following each Arena wave.

From here, once you’re done chatting up all available NPCs, all you’ve got to do is head out past the Arena gates and let battle be joined.

Out in the Arena, you’ll face a single wave of enemies comprising of upwards of four hostile NPCs. If you’ve played The Witcher 2’s campaign, these enemies won’t seem all too foreign to you. Defeating each wave earns you points and sends you back into the “green room” where you’ll be given a chance to purchase upgrades for Geralt or even hire henchmen to aid in your battles against future waves. If Geralt happens to fall in battle, your point gain will cease and you’ll be given the opportunity to share your results on the leader boards over at The Witcher’s website. You’ll also be given the chance to “shrug off” Geralt’s death and have another try at the wave you failed at, though this time, without the prospect of earning more points. In other words, once you’ve fallen, you’ll have to start over to rake in the points again.

I myself, went in thinking I could handle the Arena on Dark difficulty and boy did I get my ass whooped. Can’t say I was surprised, really. After all, it’s been months since I last touched The Witcher 2. Regardless, I took the Arena’s difficulty down a notch (to Hard) and managed to scrape past a handful of waves before calling it to write this very post you’re reading. Based on what I’ve seen thus far, I can assuredly say that the Arena provides a quick dose of challenging, albeit violent, fun and coupled with the campaign, greatly lends credence to The Witcher 2’s replayability. I’d reckon that if you happen to be someone out for the most challenging combat experience the Witcher has to offer, beating the Arena on Dark mode and topping the charts on the Witcher’s website would be your cup of tea.

As for me, I’ll probably be kick-starting a Dark mode campaign playthrough starting tomorrow and hopefully, I’ll have more reviews and screen-shots up on No Game No Talk AND my own blog soon. Till then, happy hunting folks, happy hunting.

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  • GFoppy

    How’s the combat this time? I heard they tweaked some mechanics, such as parrying.

  • Michael Lim

    I could be wrong here but parrying doesn’t seem to have changed much in feel, though I’m personally more of a dodger.

  • GFoppy

    Does Geralt still do a whirlwind pirouette into a horde of enemies? I stopped playing Witcher 2 after about two hours because I realised I had no control over _exactly_ what he was going to do when I pressed attack: Sometimes he’ll just swing his sword; Other times he’ll do a whirlwind pirouette into a horde of enemies (and probably dying after that). I hope this aspect has at least been fixed somewhat.

  • Michael Lim

    It depends on which directional key you hit as you attack. Yes, Geralt still does his pirouette. In the past, this was nigh suicide as Geralt’s attacks ignored the physics of cleave, meaning that your strikes only hit 1 enemy. As of one of the previous patches, Geralt’s attacks cleave naturally so as we swings his blade in an arc (pirouette or no), he will strike anyone within range, causing them a slight flinch. 

  • GFoppy

    That sounds like a good improvement. I will probably restart the game from scratch because of the new tutorial. Haven’t touched the game since May.

  • Michael Lim

    The tutorial’s actually optional. I gave it a go and it’s just a step-by-step explanation of as many aspects of the game as possible. It’s slightly annoying, though probably cause I’ve been through the game twice prior to my current one.